Hopefully people won’t mind a bit of Cross-Promotion!

I’ll be at the Portland Zine Symposium this Saturday and Sunday to sell various zines. Come see me at Booth 24C at the at the Ambridge Convention Center.

I’ll have a few copies of Fish Speakers with me if people want to buy some, these are the last ones! I don’t think I’ll be making any more.

But I do have another announcement: FISH SPEAKERS 2 IS COMING.

The 2nd issue of my Dune Fanzine will be out for the Jet City Comic Show on November 8th! I’ll be promoting and accepting contributions and until October 22. 

I’ll be updating the tumblr page over the next week, for now our about page should answer any simple questions


Feel free to Email FishspeakersZine@gmail.com for anything else!

Thanks everybody and hopefully I’ll see some Dune Fans this weekend in Portland. 

Dune Portrait of yours truely was done by the talented MAGAR.

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